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Team Sharing


At Skun, we had a time of reflection with Pastor Villa, Rinat (Villa’s wife) and Nai Von (leader) on 2022’s work. They thanked God for the upgrading of the church and the curriculum provided for the Sunday School. Their focus for 2023 is to train disciples as in 2 Timothy 2:2. Please pray alongside us on this focus for 2023.

In this journey with Pastor Villa, we are sowing the seeds of love to the villagers. We pray that our Triune God will soften the hearts of the villagers, the village chief and his assistant with the love of Jesus. Please pray alongside us for Pastor Villa and his team in this ministry in the village.

Kron Joo

As I sat in the review that Michael Tay facilitated with the local Christian volunteers at Lovea, I noted their enthusiasm in desiring to impact the next generation. Michael Tay shared aptly in 2 Tim 2:2, “And the thing you have heard me say in the presence of many people who will also be qualified to teach others”. While the Singapore team could encourage and support the local work through prayers, financing and sharing of resources, we trust God to raise His servants in Siem Reap to reach the young in the community of Lovea Village, ground them in their faith, with the beneficiaries in turn blessing others in time to come. Praying and claiming by God’s grace and providence, that this will come to the pass. Amen!

“Same Same But Different” was a cultural circus show that I enjoyed with fellow Singaporeans the evening before in Siem Reap.

This theme takes on a special meaning during the planning session that I attended. The Singapore team together with the local staff and volunteer teams from varying projects in Siem Reap sat down to review their work for 2022 and plan for 2023. Janice Tay, Singapore team leader shared from 1 Cor 12:4-6, “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work”. This resonates with me as I witness God leading members from Bay City Church in Australia, Christians from different churches in Singapore and local Christian staff and volunteers from Siem Reap churches coming together for our one Lord Jesus for His Kingdom work in the Siem Reap community!


This is my first visit to Cambodia and it’s also my ‘first’ overseas mission trip after a lapse of almost 15 years. I came on this trip with an open mind, with the confident expectation that the Lord has blessed the communities in Siem Reap through the work of Love-A-Village.      

Unlike the experiences of my previous mission trips which were mainly project and outcome focused, this trip impressed me on two aspects: relationship building and local participation. 

In between our visits to the villages, we had the opportunity to explore parts of Siem Reap together. This allowed fellow trippers to know each other better during our exchanges in the midst of conducive cafe chats and tasty gelatos. More importantly, this bonding and the wonderful interaction with local staff and volunteers enabled trippers to have a better appreciation of the needs and the lives of ordinary Cambodians in Siem Reap.

Food Pack Distributions by Michael, Kron Joo and Peter


At Skun Village, we had the pleasure of having the Commune Chief (responsible for a few villages) and the Assistant Village Chief present for the food pack distribution. Pastor Villa had the opportunity to share the Jesus story and he prayed a blessing for the villagers. During the message, some villagers were paying attention and agreeing to the message. After the message, we distributed the food pack to the villagers and there was much joy among them.

We had the opportunity to talk with the Commune Chief and the Assistant Village Chief. They were appreciative of the food pack distributed to the villagers. We sense some resistance from the Assistant Village Chief about the church work in the village.

Kron Joo

At Lovea Village, there were close to 70 family representatives from the needy community who were eager and patiently waiting. This reminds me of Jesus’ compassion to feed the hungry crowd (of five thousand) in Matthew 14. Sharing of the advent story of Mary’s birth of Jesus in the season of advent helped in directing the attention of the people heavenward –  that ultimately it is Jesus who can satisfy people’s needs beyond physical sustenance, as Jesus is the source of eternal life (John 6:35)

Praise God for the opportunity to collaborate with local community leaders for this opportunity to share the love of Jesus in word and in deed!


At Lovea Village food pack distribution, the atmosphere was one of joyful anticipation and gathering as a village family. The celebratory mood was helmed by the presence of the commune, police and village chiefs.  A Christmas message was shared in the local language by Om Puerth, one of Love-A-Village’s local volunteers. This modern-day scene reminded me of Jesus feeding the 5,000 (Matt 14:13-21). All praise to God for the message which will flow to the people regarding God’s provision for their physical and spiritual needs.  

This excellent collaboration which is recognised at Commune level bodes well for future food distribution and evangelism opportunities in other villages within this Commune. All glory to God that all the years of relationship building and involvement of local volunteers have borne much fruit and will bring about even more fruitfulness in the years to come!

Food of Love by Jordan

We celebrated Christmas with the widows from the Food of Love ministry on 14 Dec. It was a lively time, with the widows leading praise and worship, sharing testimonies, participating in a Christmas-edition bible quiz, playing games and receiving gifts. These widows were once strangers, but through meeting at church every Wednesday to hear the word of God and to have a warm meal, a warm sense of community has formed. In her testimony, Navy shared that she used to feel lonely as a young widow, but she found comfort in this space where she could share her burdens and pray for women in similar circumstances. God showed me how no one falls outside his love and care, and how he desires for all to be a part of his family.

My favourite part of the celebrations was the time of dancing! In Singapore, it is difficult to let go of one’s worries and anxieties, to lower one’s guard and live in the moment. But here, simply following their dance moves and going along with the music, I was fully present and truly enjoying myself! I am reminded of how in 2 Samuel 6 David celebrated with dancing before the Lord and was unashamed of his adoration of God. I pray that the widows will continue to find such unadulterated joy in the Lord and fellowship with one another!

Christmas Celebrations by Deborah

With thousands of donated Among Us stickers, we decided to hold an Among Us-themed Christmas with the children at Love-A-Village. An online game that became popular during the COVID pandemic, Among Us was not known to the children living in the villages in Siem Reap as they did not have access to the internet. However, they were still thrilled to get the Among Us stickers! Something simple like sticking stickers all over their bodies and going around to challenge each other in the most universal game of scissors-paper-stone was fun and exciting! Play can be simple and still be fun. As I saw the children really getting into the game, I could not resist joining in the fun. Although we did not speak the same language, through eye contact, facial expressions and gestures, we played. I felt like a little kid all over again. Seeing their smiles warmed my heart.

This trip was my second time at Siem Reap for Love-A-Village Christmas celebrations. The first time was in 2019. I remember going to Peam Village and meeting Sreisros and the team, as well as Lovea Primary School where Mr Vanna welcomed us with a hearty lunch. Returning to Peam Village felt heartwarming – seeing Sreisros, the team, and the children once again. As the children sang “Peace Like A River” radiantly and bopped to various songs during the celebration, I felt proud and amazed at their growth (both developmentally and their knowledge of English language) and at the wonderful work the team has done to bring out the children’s potential. As I processed some of the film photos I took during the trip, this picture of Sreisros caught my eye. Bidding farewell to the children, I felt a heavy feeling, but in a good way. I felt heavily filled with positive energy and love as the children went their way, knowing that 2023 would be even better for them as they are in loving hands.

3-7 Sep 2022 Trip Reflections

Reflections by Kee Eng

On 5 September, our morning drive to Peam Village took us 45 mins on a paved road with a short 10-min bumpy ride. We arrived at Peam Village Foundation around 9.30 am to observe the English lessons. We were met by the English School principal, Ms Sreysros, and Ms Sreyka who teaches the Grade 3 students.

The English School presently offers English enrichment lessons for Grade 3 and 4 students (16 students per class for each morning and afternoon session, Monday to Friday).

We went to observe lessons in the English School. The morning session had 12 Grade 3 students in attendance.

While waiting for lunch, our team prepared balloons and distributed them to government primary school children next door after their morning session. What joy to see the kids’ faces light up and their posture of thanksgiving.

After lunch, we observed an English class session with 14 students in attendance.

In both English School’s sessions, we handed each student a toothbrush. Proud moment of the day –  young Timothy,  went on stage to present a lesson on dental brushing with his parents, helping with the props.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some students coming in early on their bicycles to play games and have fun at the compound. The school hall is well equipped for both the teacher and students as a place of learning. I can sense the joy in the kids as they were very eager to learn and participate in classroom activities.

Reflections by Shuting

On 6 September, we visited Thansure School which is currently supported by Christians in Korea. This school currently has more than 200 students from K1 to Grade 8. This large school is managed by a Korean ‘Lady of Faith’, Ms Yoo, who continually prays for better conditions and environment for her students. She shared her prayers to build a cement road and her prayers were finally answered as the government finally did that after 13 years. The students are always thankful for help and support from visitors to the school, and never forget to count their blessings. Each of us was given a nicely wrapped present with handwritten thank-you messages.

8-15 June 2022 Siem Reap

Reflections on Food Ministry Home Visits (Chin Mai)

Altogether, we visited 10 families in Peam, Lovea and Skun. These are families in poverty who are regular recipients of the food pack distributions. 

The first home in Peam was particularly memorable because the initially cheery lady burst out in tears when we asked for her prayer requests. She opened up that she suffers under her husband who drinks and physically abuses her. As we visited more homes, it seemed that this was not uncommon. It’s heartbreaking to see these women working hard to make ends meet, care for their children and yet have to live in fear of their husbands. These women were strangers at the beginning, but we got to learn about their lives, and we were glad to be able to pray with and for them in the end. We praise God for giving them courage to be vulnerable and share their troubles with us. May the Lord grant the husbands release from the bondage of alcohol so that they will become caring and responsible men of the house. May He also grant the wives peace and comfort, as well as wisdom and strength in this trial.

The local leaders Om Sipark and Om Puerth knew the families quite well, and were fully involved as we visited each household. May the Lord continue to grant them and all the food distribution volunteers fervour to serve Him.

Reflections on Visit to Peam English School (Gladys)

Gratitude – We have nothing to boast but everything to be grateful for. Working with Sreisros since Dec 2020 to set up the Peam English School, I never felt as touched as when I got to see the physical school and meet the teachers and students in person.

Seeing the students coming to the school hours before their lessons showed me how comfortable and happy they were to hang out in the school compound. This is definitely due to the love and joy the students received from Teacher Sreisros, Teacher Sreika and Teacher Meng.

I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the classroom and kitchen were and how well the children interacted with one another. Sreisros told me this wasn’t the case during the first month when school started in February this year. But having been taught by the teachers to keep the compound clean, take care of the items in the school and speak kind words to others, the children now impressed me with how they behave, and how they relate to the teachers and to each other.

On 10 June, Friday, I was able to teach the special Friday programme on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Kindness. It gave me an opportunity to witness the students’ love for their parents during the hands-on activity to write words of kindness to loved ones. It was also delightful to hear them sing along to Christian songs as they designed their cards.

I thank God for His patience and guidance throughout the process of setting up this school, sending the right people to work in the team in Singapore and in Siem Reap. I pray that God will continue to grant His wisdom to the team and send the right people to join the team as the school grows. I pray that the school will be a beacon of light and hope that will draw more children to know Him.

Reflections on Love-A-Village Team (Seow Chin)

It took me some time to get the names right but I will not forget the overwhelming display of servitude of the Cambodian team – especially Sreisros, Srey Ka, Meng and Vichea. The many needs and limited resources did not deter their wholehearted labour of love. I’m amazed by their faith to trust God to provide for their needs and their earnest service without complaint. 

On Thursday and Friday, I observed that the English School team (Sreisros, Srey Ka and Meng) were able to go about their different roles in a certain clockwork – getting tasks done and making time for people, especially the students. Even though it was our first time meeting them, we warmed up to each other quickly and were able to talk and work comfortably with one another. I think this is only possible because there is a common bond among us –  the desire to be used by God to bless the children, women and families of the villages.

On Saturday, we organised a day-long retreat with the local Love-A-Village leaders, volunteers and their families. Laughter resounded through the church building as we played our icebreakers (one which involved drawing each other one facial feature at a time)! There were shouts of joy and encouragement to one another as we tried our hand at archery (we discovered that some brothers are especially competitive haha). After being separated by a screen (meeting virtually via Zoom) for so long, it was such a pleasure to be able to share meals, to discuss and collaborate, and to forge close bonds which transcend language, culture, age, etc. “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

I pray for God to continually provide for the team in Cambodia, especially for their  spiritual fortitude and rootedness in the word of God. I pray that whether during formal ministry time or in casual interaction, eternity will be sowed in the hearts of every soul that is touched by Love-A-Village. 

Food of Love 2022

It’s been 3 months since we started Food of Love on 1 Dec! This ministry was started with the intention to show the love of Christ through giving hot meals to widows from the church and those who live or work close to the church.

Ministry to the Widows

The widows have been gathering at the church every week for a time of Bible teaching, praise and prayer. After their time together, they then brought home hot and nutritious meals for themselves and their grandchildren. The widows have shared that having a programme dedicated specially for them makes them feel loved and cared for, because they feel forgotten by the rest of society. God is a protector of widows (Psalm 68:5), and what a joy and privilege it is to be able to be part of this ministry.

Ministry to the Needy

The Food of Love ministry is also supported by volunteers who walk along the streets around the church to give out meals to those in need such as garbage collectors, construction workers, cleaners, etc. Prayer is offered, and they are pointed to church if they are in need of any help in the future.

The volunteers shared that on the first week, they were at a loss as to where to go, but God led them to an alley near the church to families that were in need of help. They have been reaching out to these households every week since then, and have built up relationships with them.

One household consists of a grandmother with 13 grandchildren under her care. When the volunteers first met her, she was not able to walk and requested for a wheelchair so she could move around. The volunteers taught her how to pray and noticed that she’s been increasingly open to not just receiving but wanting to join in prayer as well. About a month since they began praying for healing of her legs, she was able to stand up and walk! 

The neighbours started taking notice of the regular visitors (who they know to be Christians) to the household, and peeped in to try and see what’s going on. Now, this household and the grandmother’s household (her grandchildren are now attending Sunday School in the church) have become Christians. Praise God for his mercy and power – for the salvation of these entire households. WE pray for the church to continually be a beacon of light to those around them!

Glory to God for how he has multiplied the little that we’ve given him into so much. Pray that every act of love will make an impact far beyond all we ask or imagine!

Jan 2022

Dear Supporters

I am happy to be writing my first letter for the new year. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas holiday. My family and I had a good time during Christmas, and we are all doing well. 

I am grateful and appreciative of your support for the past year, and look forward to your continued support in the years ahead.

Preparation for English School

As you know, Love-A-Village team and I have been preparing the school. 

Let me summarize what we have done thus far: 

  • We had applied for the school renewal license, and have received verbal approval from the authorities
  • The Peam Primary School principal had identified 64 students for enrolment into our school
  • The textbooks for pupils and Teachers’ Instruction books have been printed
  • The classroom is now set up for classes to start
  • We have hired a teacher and an assistant teacher

There are a few things we need to get done before our school opens on 7 February:  

  • Final touches to the classroom, e.g. decorations to the walls
  • Printing of Safe Management guide and School Rules and Regulations
  • Training the teachers to use the Teachers’ Instruction book
  • Meeting with students and their parents 

All students, and their parents too, are very excited to attend our school.

Peam Sunday School Ministry

We had a great meeting with all Sunday School teachers from Peam village and Lovea village. We discussed and planned what we hope to do in 2022. We prayed together for sustained motivation to do God’s work.

The teachers have started using the new curriculum. Because of the Covid situation, our Sunday School has separated the children into 8 groups with each group having 16 to 20 children. The students come only on alternate weeks:

  • Groups 1 – 4 study in week 1 and 3
  • Groups 5 – 8 study in week 2 and 4

For both the English School and the Sunday School, I am so blessed to have wonderful people working with me. I pray that God will bring even more people to join us in our work to glorify His name.

Thanksgiving for:

  • Wonderful lunch retreat with all teachers
  • My daughter being in secondary school
  • All parents allowing their children to study in our English School
  • Wonderful team work for English School
  • Good health

Prayer Request:

  • Official renewal of school license
  • School opening on 7 February
  • All teachers to have wisdom and strength to serve the Lord

Thank You and Happy New Year! 

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