Food of Love by Jordan

We celebrated Christmas with the widows from the Food of Love ministry on 14 Dec. It was a lively time, with the widows leading praise and worship, sharing testimonies, participating in a Christmas-edition bible quiz, playing games and receiving gifts. These widows were once strangers, but through meeting at church every Wednesday to hear the word of God and to have a warm meal, a warm sense of community has formed. In her testimony, Navy shared that she used to feel lonely as a young widow, but she found comfort in this space where she could share her burdens and pray for women in similar circumstances. God showed me how no one falls outside his love and care, and how he desires for all to be a part of his family.

My favourite part of the celebrations was the time of dancing! In Singapore, it is difficult to let go of one’s worries and anxieties, to lower one’s guard and live in the moment. But here, simply following their dance moves and going along with the music, I was fully present and truly enjoying myself! I am reminded of how in 2 Samuel 6 David celebrated with dancing before the Lord and was unashamed of his adoration of God. I pray that the widows will continue to find such unadulterated joy in the Lord and fellowship with one another!

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