8-15 June 2022 Siem Reap

Reflections on Food Ministry Home Visits (Chin Mai)

Altogether, we visited 10 families in Peam, Lovea and Skun. These are families in poverty who are regular recipients of the food pack distributions. 

The first home in Peam was particularly memorable because the initially cheery lady burst out in tears when we asked for her prayer requests. She opened up that she suffers under her husband who drinks and physically abuses her. As we visited more homes, it seemed that this was not uncommon. It’s heartbreaking to see these women working hard to make ends meet, care for their children and yet have to live in fear of their husbands. These women were strangers at the beginning, but we got to learn about their lives, and we were glad to be able to pray with and for them in the end. We praise God for giving them courage to be vulnerable and share their troubles with us. May the Lord grant the husbands release from the bondage of alcohol so that they will become caring and responsible men of the house. May He also grant the wives peace and comfort, as well as wisdom and strength in this trial.

The local leaders Om Sipark and Om Puerth knew the families quite well, and were fully involved as we visited each household. May the Lord continue to grant them and all the food distribution volunteers fervour to serve Him.

Reflections on Visit to Peam English School (Gladys)

Gratitude – We have nothing to boast but everything to be grateful for. Working with Sreisros since Dec 2020 to set up the Peam English School, I never felt as touched as when I got to see the physical school and meet the teachers and students in person.

Seeing the students coming to the school hours before their lessons showed me how comfortable and happy they were to hang out in the school compound. This is definitely due to the love and joy the students received from Teacher Sreisros, Teacher Sreika and Teacher Meng.

I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the classroom and kitchen were and how well the children interacted with one another. Sreisros told me this wasn’t the case during the first month when school started in February this year. But having been taught by the teachers to keep the compound clean, take care of the items in the school and speak kind words to others, the children now impressed me with how they behave, and how they relate to the teachers and to each other.

On 10 June, Friday, I was able to teach the special Friday programme on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Kindness. It gave me an opportunity to witness the students’ love for their parents during the hands-on activity to write words of kindness to loved ones. It was also delightful to hear them sing along to Christian songs as they designed their cards.

I thank God for His patience and guidance throughout the process of setting up this school, sending the right people to work in the team in Singapore and in Siem Reap. I pray that God will continue to grant His wisdom to the team and send the right people to join the team as the school grows. I pray that the school will be a beacon of light and hope that will draw more children to know Him.

Reflections on Love-A-Village Team (Seow Chin)

It took me some time to get the names right but I will not forget the overwhelming display of servitude of the Cambodian team – especially Sreisros, Srey Ka, Meng and Vichea. The many needs and limited resources did not deter their wholehearted labour of love. I’m amazed by their faith to trust God to provide for their needs and their earnest service without complaint. 

On Thursday and Friday, I observed that the English School team (Sreisros, Srey Ka and Meng) were able to go about their different roles in a certain clockwork – getting tasks done and making time for people, especially the students. Even though it was our first time meeting them, we warmed up to each other quickly and were able to talk and work comfortably with one another. I think this is only possible because there is a common bond among us –  the desire to be used by God to bless the children, women and families of the villages.

On Saturday, we organised a day-long retreat with the local Love-A-Village leaders, volunteers and their families. Laughter resounded through the church building as we played our icebreakers (one which involved drawing each other one facial feature at a time)! There were shouts of joy and encouragement to one another as we tried our hand at archery (we discovered that some brothers are especially competitive haha). After being separated by a screen (meeting virtually via Zoom) for so long, it was such a pleasure to be able to share meals, to discuss and collaborate, and to forge close bonds which transcend language, culture, age, etc. “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

I pray for God to continually provide for the team in Cambodia, especially for their  spiritual fortitude and rootedness in the word of God. I pray that whether during formal ministry time or in casual interaction, eternity will be sowed in the hearts of every soul that is touched by Love-A-Village. 

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