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2023 May Updates

Dear Supporters,

I trust you are doing fine with your family. I am truly grateful for your support in school and ministry. I am sure that our “investment” in God’s kingdom will reap fruitful results that glorify God and bring joy to our hearts. My family and I are doing well, except for my father who has been in pain for a week now. Please pray for my father.

English School

There was a long school break this year because of the SEA games in Cambodia. But our school started two weeks earlier than public schools because we wanted to follow our curriculum. However, not every student attended the class because they were in their hometown. We’ve learned that we should follow the public school semesters and not try to push ahead with our curriculum. We’ve had to revise our scheme of work. We’ve designed worksheets for homework and also printed out the exam paper.

I am blessed to have good teamwork, both with the operations team and teachers. Teacher Dalen, our new teacher, works hard and is willing to learn new things. She has the potential to be a good teacher. 

Peam Sunday School

Your prayers and donation are very important to us to bring the gospel throughout the village. This month, God has called one of the girls to be baptized. She accepted Jesus as her personal savior. We are pleased to baptize her in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We pray that many more young people will come to know Jesus as their savior and Lord.    

Incidentally, we have shifted Sunday School time from afternoon to morning for this period of time because of the hot weather change. Sunday School is presently from 8:40 to 11:00 AM .

Kok Thmey Sunday School

Your act of kindness has served the church and community for very good purposes. Our Sunday school program is doing fine – we’ve finished the story of Lazarus being brought back to life by Jesus. As we taught that lesson, we encouraged children to say thank to God for the life that God has given them. 

Thanksgiving for:

  • God’s protection over everyone when they travel to school
  • Having good teamwork
  • God’s mercy upon all children

Prayer Request:

  • Wisdom and strength 
  • Safe travel as students return from their hometown
  • Financial support for pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey church
  • Pastor Bunnath’s health to get better
  • Safe travel for Singapore team visiting Siem Reap from 2 to 15 June

With gratitude,


Jan 2022

Dear Supporters

I am happy to be writing my first letter for the new year. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas holiday. My family and I had a good time during Christmas, and we are all doing well. 

I am grateful and appreciative of your support for the past year, and look forward to your continued support in the years ahead.

Preparation for English School

As you know, Love-A-Village team and I have been preparing the school. 

Let me summarize what we have done thus far: 

  • We had applied for the school renewal license, and have received verbal approval from the authorities
  • The Peam Primary School principal had identified 64 students for enrolment into our school
  • The textbooks for pupils and Teachers’ Instruction books have been printed
  • The classroom is now set up for classes to start
  • We have hired a teacher and an assistant teacher

There are a few things we need to get done before our school opens on 7 February:  

  • Final touches to the classroom, e.g. decorations to the walls
  • Printing of Safe Management guide and School Rules and Regulations
  • Training the teachers to use the Teachers’ Instruction book
  • Meeting with students and their parents 

All students, and their parents too, are very excited to attend our school.

Peam Sunday School Ministry

We had a great meeting with all Sunday School teachers from Peam village and Lovea village. We discussed and planned what we hope to do in 2022. We prayed together for sustained motivation to do God’s work.

The teachers have started using the new curriculum. Because of the Covid situation, our Sunday School has separated the children into 8 groups with each group having 16 to 20 children. The students come only on alternate weeks:

  • Groups 1 – 4 study in week 1 and 3
  • Groups 5 – 8 study in week 2 and 4

For both the English School and the Sunday School, I am so blessed to have wonderful people working with me. I pray that God will bring even more people to join us in our work to glorify His name.

Thanksgiving for:

  • Wonderful lunch retreat with all teachers
  • My daughter being in secondary school
  • All parents allowing their children to study in our English School
  • Wonderful team work for English School
  • Good health

Prayer Request:

  • Official renewal of school license
  • School opening on 7 February
  • All teachers to have wisdom and strength to serve the Lord

Thank You and Happy New Year! 

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