Back to Manual Labour

It has been a while! The last time I did manual labour was back in 2017 when I went with San San and a few others to help with the building of the library in Lovea Primary School. This experience definitely brought back fond memories, and left me with an aching body!

I had a wonderful trip accompanying two student groups from two different Singapore secondary schools who embarked on service-learning trips to Siem Reap. One group built an outdoor shelter at Peam Village Foundation and the other group tiled the outdoor courtyard at Lovea Primary School. Each of these projects translates into a more conducive teaching and learning environment for the Cambodian teachers and students in these two schools.

Being a part of these two projects, I am reminded of Love-A-Village’s guiding principle that faith must be followed up with good deeds. Building education facilities to meet the needs of the community is faith in action. As we continue to do God’s work in Cambodia, we pray that the Cambodians experience God’s love through improved lives.

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