Suffering Sister in Christ

This trip to the village (31 March to 2 April) enabled us to meet and fellowship with Sister Han.

Here is her testimony:

4 years ago, she watched a movie about Jesus’ crucifixion. She felt very sorry for him and wondered why was he willing to take the torture. That very night, she dreamt about Jesus!

The next morning, as she was traveling with her children, she saw a church and asked her son to let her go to church. She went to church and prayed to receive Christ.

From believing to becoming a disciple of Jesus was not easy for her. She looked to pastors to teach her how to pray, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and learn more about Jesus. However, being one of the only two believers in Lovea, it hasn’t been easy to find out more or get support from any churches! These days, she worships at a house church in Lovea (with only ONE other believer). Her son, a non-believer, reads to her the Bible as she is illiterate.

Besides this, her personal life is also difficult – her husband has left her and she has a weak heart.

Before we ended our visit, we prayed for her. Please pray that Sister Han will remain strong in Jesus!

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