Hebron Mission Trip (16-21 June 2019)

A Cambodian boy’s drawing of Jesus walking on water during a game of Pictionary at Thansure School
A kindergarten child’s arts and craft work on Noah’s Ark at Peam Village Foundation
Gospel outreach to 41 parents in Peam Village Foundation (All women. Where are the men?)
Who created butterflies? The children in Lovea Primary School learnt that God did!
Missions Alive (Pray.Give.Go) team at Peam Village Foundatioin
Front L-R: Elder Tony, Janice, Wai Yeen, Hui Kwang, Mee Chin, Pearl, Chin Sein, Barnabas, Vichea (Cambodian)
Back R-L: Lawrence, Vituo (Cambodian), Lloyce

Selected reflections from the trippers:

“There is freedom to preach and praise the Lord in Cambodia. It is an open door for missions! The harvest is plentiful in Cambodia.”

“I witnessed the Cambodians’ passion to serve God.”

“I was greatly encouraged by the teamwork displayed by the whole team. God brought people with many different gifts together to serve him during this trip.”

“I have now seen poverty with my own eyes.”

“We must walk the talk for others to see Jesus in us. Everyone can and should be involved in missions.”


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