20-23 May 2019 (by Vivian)

This trip to Siem Reap came shortly after I attended the Celebration of Hope, a rally held in Singapore, on 18 May 2019. At the rally, through the sharing of testimonies and the preacher’s message, I was again reminded that we experience God’s grace and love when we step out in faith to do His work and not when we just have head knowledge about Christ.

So here I was with Janice and Hui Kwang, and Stacey, a teacher from an International school in Singapore, to share God’s goodness with others and to “taste and see” that the Lord is good. As with other trips, we met and connected with the Pastor and some members of New Living Hope Centre to discuss plans to reach out to Lovea Primary School. We discussed the plans with the Principal of the primary school, and we also met up with Mr Pagna of PCEF.

We had been conducting teacher-training sessions for the PCEF teachers. And this time, we had Stacey to show the teachers how to use the story books we had bought for PCEF. Despite rushing assignment deadlines for her Masters course, Stacey put together and delivered teaching strategies that the teachers found interesting and useful. The teachers had to apply what they’d learnt in the morning when they worked in small groups, in the afternoon, to put together a lesson plan using the various strategies Stacey shared in the morning.

Just before the trip, Stacey was told her father’s health had deteriorated, and we were praying that she would not have to head home abruptly, and the Lord answered our prayers – in fact, her father’s condition improved a little!

On this trip, I also had the opportunity to visit Peam Village Foundation, and to learn about how they hope to share and show God’s love through their kindergarten programme, and to bring the Gospel to the children and their parents.

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