The Floating Village

On 10 March 2018, my parents and I paid a visit to one of the 4 floating villages in Siem Reap – Kampong Pluk. We saw houses on stilts and were informed that the water rises to 8m high during the wet season.


Mr Pagna opened his first English school here and it is currently still operational. The house which the English classes are held at belongs to him. During the dry season (which is now), classes are held on the land. When the wet season comes, the classroom shifts upwards!


When we were there, an English class was being conducted by Mr Soven. He is the only English teacher at the school. The children were all very attentive and studiously writing down what was written on the whiteboard.


Look at the girl’s neat handwriting! How many of us still write with such care and dedication?

Lastly, this trip made me realise that there are always new things to discover wherever we go – it was my first time visiting a floating village. And, there are so many needs in Cambodia, thus, no matter what we do, we cannot help everyone. I pray that God will show us who and how to help His people.


Despite having a full schedule this trip, I had a good time of fellowship and sharing with my parents. Thank you for your time, support, advice and love.

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