Author name: Zhiliang Lin

Reflection on Our Mission Trip to Cambodia (16 – 21 Dec 2023)

by Grace, Mount Hebron Bible Presbyterian, Singapore

In the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia, our Christian mission trip unfolded as a tapestry of love, compassion, and shared faith. Each day emerges as a chapter in a story of transformation—a narrative that not only touched the lives of those we encountered but left an indelible mark on our own hearts. It is with this conviction that I share our experience, hoping to inspire your support for further mission trips and, perhaps, encourage you to join in this life-altering adventure.

The first day set the tone for our mission as we ventured into two villages, each brimming with the anticipation of something special. In the morning, we engaged with the children of the first village, bringing laughter through games and activities such as tug of war and a Bible quiz that echoed with the timeless message of Christ’s love. We also gave out packs for the children to provide materials essential for their studies. Witnessing the joy in their eyes, we understood that these moments of connection were seeds planted in the fertile soil of their hearts. In the afternoon, the second village welcomed us into the heart of their church service. We joined in worship, not as distant observers but as fellow believers in a common faith. The shared experience of the service became a bridge that connected our souls, emphasizing the strength found in unity. Following the service, we extended our love through similar activities in the Sunday school for the children.

The second day began at the aquarium, not just as a recreational outing but as a deliberate effort to encourage and support the Sunday school volunteers. Small gestures of appreciation and thoughtful gifts became symbols of gratitude for their diligent efforts. It was a pleasure to know more about these local volunteers who also have a heart for God and are willing to serve him even though they face their own difficulties in the villages. Personally, I was able to have a conversation with one of the fellow volunteers who was of the same age. Knowing more about her life and her background made me marvel at how she was still able to serve God even with the conditions she grew up in, in comparison to the comfortable life that we live in Singapore.

On the third day, our team went to another village, while the fourth day led us to a church where widows gathered. The grateful smiles of the recipients reminded us that acts of kindness, no matter how modest, have the power to uplift and transform lives. We distributed food and clothing to families in need, the tangible expression of Christ’s love in the form of sustenance and warmth. We also planned games for the widows and seeing the pure joy on their faces brought warmth to our hearts.

Our journey in Siem Reap was not just a series of activities. The faces of the children, the gratitude of families, and the embrace of widows stand as living testimonials to the impact of our collective efforts. Not only were we able to serve God through providing support for others in Siem Reap, we also got to know other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Supporting further mission trips is an investment in the continuation of this narrative of love and transformation. The call to join in is an invitation to become a part of something larger than ourselves—a movement that extends beyond borders, cultures, and backgrounds!

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Reflection on Our Mission Trip to Cambodia (2 – 7 Nov 2023)

by Sue, Bay City Church, Sydney

Cambodia’s first impressions hit with hot humidity, chaotic bikes & tuk tuks. On our first day, Pastor Andrew Harper motivated us with a speech and prayer while travelling to Peam Village. At the freshly painted English school, we were greeted by teachers Sreisros, Sreyka & Dalen teaching 20 students in a single classroom of shy but eager kids. 

Pam and Kathy led an English class and played pass the parcel game, leaving kids grinning from gifts plus ice-creams to cool them. With emotional hearts, we prayed over the teachers then enjoyed a delicious lunch at Sala Bai Hotel.

The next day, we visited Roun TaArk village, welcomed by Pastor Da outside the new blue building amidst barren land with unfinished structures, recently earthed vegetation. One can envision the potential holy fruitfulness here. We enjoyed an incredible spiritual worship which uplifted the people. Craig gave an inspiring testimony, and feelings of gratitude swept the room as we handed out clothing items.

Over lunch, Richard shared an encouraging testimony, whilst we were fed like kings and queens at a laden banquet amongst beautiful gardens. At night, we were treated to never ending delicious smorgasbords at the Amazon Restaurant whilst enjoying a visual variety night of traditional cultural storytelling dance.

On our third day, we visited Masel’s Saturday School at Leong Dai Village. Our longest drive followed by a short walk was greeted by echoes of excited kids. The children separated into different age groups for games and activities. We then performed an original song of worship to God. We ended the day finishing with kids in hysterics winning Tug O War. We then enjoyed a home cooked dinner feast to celebrate Mom’s birthday.

We worshipped at New Living Hope AOG Church on Sunday. Pastor Andrew preached to the congregation and I was honoured to sing The Blessing with Rob on guitar. We then had fellowship lunch with Pastor Chhay. We then returned to Peam Village for their Sunday School. Gina, Kathy and I performed another original created song of worship. The day closed with another Tug O War with the children winning with much laughter.

For our fifth day, we toured around and visited three incredible temples, including the Angkor Wat and Bayon with the funny and knowledgeable Mr Khemra. We ended with a dramatic comical storytelling night at Phare Circus.

On our last day, we went for a brief visit to KGM youth centre and back to Kok Thmey to distribute food packs. Francis shared an emotional testimony and we helped distribute packs of groceries. 

Although our journey was ending, this story is just beginning as members are already yearning to return and bring others to experience God’s work.

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August 2023 Updates – Kok Thmey Sunday School

By Sreisros

For Kok Thmey Sunday School, the children have been learning about healing in the family of God. The lessons were especially meaningful and touched the heart because many children have been sick, and they need healing from God. 

I would like to welcome our new teacher Srey Phuon. She is a church member, and now she wants to help in the Sunday School. She is a Grade 1 teacher in Peam public school. I am happy that God has sent her to work with us in this ministry.

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August 2023 Updates – Thanksgivings from Sreisros

By Sreisros

I hope  you and your family are doing well. I’m grateful for your support in the Siem Reap ministry. With your prayers and giving, we can continue what we are doing in order to see people get saved by Jesus. I believe when we do our best, God will multiply  the results. His time is near, so we do what we can to be the light and salt to people around us. Also, I am thankful that God takes good care of my whole family and my children, and I would like to share my daughter’s letter to you.

Dear Love A Village,

Thank you for helping me by sponsoring a scholarship for my studies. I really appreciate it. I have been doing well in my English class , and got 2nd place in speaking and 1st place in writing exam. If it wasn’t for the  scholarship, I would never get better in English. I have been praying to get into a good English school. I also have been praying to get better in English. And now, my prayers have come true. So, I’m very thankful for God and for LAV for sponsoring me. I really do appreciate it.


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August 2023 Updates – Peam Sunday School

By Sreisros

So far, our Sunday School has been doing well, but recently, we are short of volunteers as many volunteers are preparing for their grade 12 exam. However, we are happy to see them studying hard. We pray that all of our volunteer teachers will pass the exam in December.

We are planning for 2024 to focus on our youth group and will be discipling them to become teachers in the future. We still continue to teach younger children as usual in the Sunday School. To disciple youths to be teachers, I am now training teacher Srey Ka and teacher Dalen to be able to use the material for teaching and training the youths.

As I serve in the Sunday School ministry, I feel happy to see people coming to God. I want to be more equipped to serve well in this ministry, and I also want to learn more about God’s word, and have decided to attend Bible Mission School. Please pray for me as I am a mother, a principal, a teacher, and a student.

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August 2023 Updates – English School

By Sreisros

The majority of our students are doing well in their studies. They have tried their best in class and at home, and they have progressed a lot. I can say this because on the first day of school in 2022, they knew none of the English alphabet, yet now they can read English words and phrases about themselves, family and occupations. However, we also have some students who have difficulty learning English. We often do 10 minutes extra teaching for these students after class finishes, and we hope they can catch up and will not need extra class soon. 

For spiritual value, we encourage our students to pray the Lord’s prayer because they don’t know how to pray and where to start. So, they are learning phrase by phrase in Khmer language first then in English language. We will also teach them to memorize the 10 commandments from the Old Testament.  

The community has received much blessings and seen God’s love through our programs. At least 96 children got free foreign language lessons, 65 families received food packs, and around 100 children experienced fun, love and joy in Sunday school service. I am more thankful to have good and kind people working together for the Kingdom of God. 

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2023 July Updates

Dear Supporters,

I hope you and your family are doing well. My family and I are also doing fine. We gather together to pray for the sick, ministries, supporters, families, and churches. We thank God for always watching over us and giving us his grace. As we wait for His coming, we will do our best to serve Him and to have a good relationship with Him.


English School

It is a pleasure to share with you how the school is doing and how God works through the English school program. We planned, discussed, and prayed for everything to be done according to God’s will. 

This month, I have a few things to update:

  1. The mid-term exam is over, and 85% of students have passed the test. 5 students have dropped out because their parents had to move to another province to look for work. 
  2. We had a parent-teacher meeting. 65 parents attended the meeting. We talked about student attendance, and I gave all parents a questionnaire to fill out. I also gave them their children’s report book. Parents were happy to see their child’s progress.
  3. The Prime Minister election has just finished, and there will be a new Prime Minister. I am not sure if there will be new laws in the future.
  4. We are now planning for 2024 activities as we have a clear picture of what we will do for next year.  




Peam Sunday School

Thank God that Sunday School helps our students learn more about God. Our Sunday School provides not only spiritual teaching but also life lessons. For instance, we taught students about their rights and self-care as they enter their teenage years. As God loves us, he also wants us to take good care of our bodies as his living temple. 

Our assistant teachers will be taking a break for a couple of months because they need to focus on their studies to prepare for their diploma exams. Please pray for our teachers to pass every subject they take. 

For 2024, we want to focus on discipling a small group of students. We will select students that meet our criteria to help them grow stronger in their faith and then help in the Sunday School.




Kok Thmey Sunday School

I am at peace to see our church members, and also children, keep coming to church. I am also thankful for our pastor and teachers who are always faithful in carrying out their duties. I pray that what we are planning and doing will give us results that please and honour God. 



Thanksgiving for:

  • A wonderful team
  • Good discipleship class
  • Many students passed the exam
  • Chairs for our Kok Thmey Sunday School

Prayer request:

  • Safe travel back and forth
  • Financial support for pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey church
  • Wisdom for students to learn
  • Our plans to be completed and to succeed according to God’s will



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2023 May Updates

Dear Supporters,

I trust you are doing fine with your family. I am truly grateful for your support in school and ministry. I am sure that our “investment” in God’s kingdom will reap fruitful results that glorify God and bring joy to our hearts. My family and I are doing well, except for my father who has been in pain for a week now. Please pray for my father.

English School

There was a long school break this year because of the SEA games in Cambodia. But our school started two weeks earlier than public schools because we wanted to follow our curriculum. However, not every student attended the class because they were in their hometown. We’ve learned that we should follow the public school semesters and not try to push ahead with our curriculum. We’ve had to revise our scheme of work. We’ve designed worksheets for homework and also printed out the exam paper.

I am blessed to have good teamwork, both with the operations team and teachers. Teacher Dalen, our new teacher, works hard and is willing to learn new things. She has the potential to be a good teacher. 

Peam Sunday School

Your prayers and donation are very important to us to bring the gospel throughout the village. This month, God has called one of the girls to be baptized. She accepted Jesus as her personal savior. We are pleased to baptize her in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We pray that many more young people will come to know Jesus as their savior and Lord.    

Incidentally, we have shifted Sunday School time from afternoon to morning for this period of time because of the hot weather change. Sunday School is presently from 8:40 to 11:00 AM .

Kok Thmey Sunday School

Your act of kindness has served the church and community for very good purposes. Our Sunday school program is doing fine – we’ve finished the story of Lazarus being brought back to life by Jesus. As we taught that lesson, we encouraged children to say thank to God for the life that God has given them. 

Thanksgiving for:

  • God’s protection over everyone when they travel to school
  • Having good teamwork
  • God’s mercy upon all children

Prayer Request:

  • Wisdom and strength 
  • Safe travel as students return from their hometown
  • Financial support for pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey church
  • Pastor Bunnath’s health to get better
  • Safe travel for Singapore team visiting Siem Reap from 2 to 15 June

With gratitude,


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2023 April Updates

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for praying for us in Cambodia. I pray you and your family are doing well in Singapore. My family and I are doing well. We had a good time together during the Khmer New Year celebration. We visited some places in Siem Reap, and gathered with family, friends, and relatives for fellowship. Many Cambodians traveled to different provinces to visit or to catch up with their families. I thank God for protecting and strengthening us during the Khmer New Year break.

English School

We hope to see our students able to communicate with us in English. We pray that their relationship with God grows everyday. We finished some parts of Textbook 2 before the school holiday, so that everyone can rest and enjoy the break and return to school refreshed. 

Peam Sunday School

All our students had much fun celebrating the Khmer New Year. We worshiped, prayed, and played a lot of games, which included traditional games too. There were prizes for everyone, and students got to bring home some food. 

I would like to share one interesting and touching testimony from one of our older students. But before talking about her testimony, let me tell you what some people in her community believe in. They believe that if they can get their virgin daughters possessed by ghosts, they will get good health, wealth, and happiness in their family. So, they have a ghost possession ceremony where they call out many ghosts to get into their daughter’s naked body, and let her dance like crazy in the midst of people. 

Srey Ya, one of our students was forced to do a ghost dance. She cried after the ceremony – her parents have never cared about her and just wanted to get a lot of money. And, it seemed they did.

Another student, Rosa, 14 years old, accidentally overheard her parents discussing sending her to a ghost dance because they wanted to have money. She ran into her room, knelt down and prayed. She asked God to help her as she was afraid. God answered her prayer. Her parents changed their mind because they did not feel well, and so didn’t send her to a ghost dance. Rosa said: “God is real, he is listening to me.” She encouraged others to pray to God too.  

Kok Thmey Sunday School

We taught students in Kok Thmey village about Easter day. The whole church, and not just the children, also celebrated the Khmer New Year. We washed the feet of our elders, and they prayed for us young leaders. I thank God that he calls all of us his children, and he gives us opportunities to serve him. 

Thanksgiving for:

  • God’s protection during Khmer New Year
  • My daughter getting first place in her English class
  • A wonderful school holiday

Prayer Request:

  • Wisdom and strength 
  • Building permission
  • Safe journey for students travelling back from their hometown
  • Financial support for Pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey Church.


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2023 March Updates

Updates from Sreisros

Dear Supporters

I trust you and your family are doing well. It is wonderful to share with you what God is doing in Cambodia. Thank you so much for coming alongside your support in the ministry. I hope that my letters encourage you when you hear how God has grown the ministry and how lives are being changed. I am thankful for how God has blessed the English School and the Sunday School, and my family too. We are doing well, especially my sister who just got engaged to a good Christian man last week. 

English School

Our school is very useful to the Peam community, and it is recognized by villagers, the village chief, and the commune chief. I believe we are slowly, but surely, building loving and strong people for God’s kingdom. As the Bible says “let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” 

Updates for this month:

  • Student Report Book to be approved by the board before printing
  • Discussion on tracking of homework is still ongoing
  • Written exam papers for all grades have been completed and awaiting approval from the board 
  • Trainee teacher to teach in grade 3 next month
  • School break of 3 weeks for Khmer New Year in April

Peam Sunday School

God is always with us – day by day, week by week. The seeds of God’s word are planted in people’s hearts, and eventually, these seeds will bear fruit, and I can’t wait to see the results of all the hard work everyone puts in. We have started collecting offerings again so children and youths can learn about giving to God. On one of the Sundays, we invited a child from the Sunday School to pray for everyone.

The youths are using a discipleship book with bible verses for their bible study. For the past few weeks, they are learning about the person of Jesus Christ (Jesus as God, and Jesus as human). After lessons, we pray and worship together.

A food pack distribution was carried out in Peam, with food packs going to 70 families. My mother shared the gospel and invited everyone to pray and repeat after her. My mother then went around and invited people to go to Kok Thmey Church, which is nearby. I hope to see some of them open up their hearts and go to church.

Kok Thmey Sunday School

Kok Thmey Sunday School has been doing well so far. Most children like doing crafts after lessons. There are two services in Kok Thmey Church – one for children and one for adults. I’m thankful that the needed repair works in the church have been completed. Everyone feels good to come to church to attend the service. I hope there will be more people coming to God.  

Food pack distribution was also carried out in Kok Thmey. The program and the sharing went well. We are waiting to see who will come to church after this distribution. Please pray for us!

Thanksgiving for:

  • God’s protection when travelling to school
  • Having wonderful teamwork
  • Teacher Dalen completing her 3-month probation
  • God’s provision in repair works in the church
  • Some English School students who prayed to God

Prayer Request:

  • Wisdom and strength 
  • Building permission
  • Financial support for Pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey Church.


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