(Disclaimer: For the summary of the accounts from 2019, all SGD were converted to USD at the rate of USD 1 = SGD 1.35)

Breakdown of Expenses:

PCEF: USD 7200

Teachers’ salary (USD 600 x 12 months)

Lovea: USD 1120 

Tiling of kindergarten classroom (USD 940) 

Blackboards (USD 45 x 4)

Paradise: USD 7442

Teachers’ salary (Sina and Dara) (USD 430 x 12 months) 

Chapel roof repairs (USD 862)

Extension of classrooms (USD 1300) 

Khmer books (USD 120)

Peam Village Foundation: USD 1478

Snacks for students during Christmas outreach (USD 225)

Christmas outreach (Love gifts and food gift for parents) (USD 330)

English classes materials (USD 923)

New Living Hope Centre: USD 2710

Bible study with villagers (USD 20 per trip x 48 trips)

Outreach to Lovea students (Sewing and health classes) (USD 415)

Sithorn’s studies (Scholarship) (USD 30 x 2 months)

Youth Christmas in church (food) (USD 210)

Christmas outreach at Lovea (Love gifts and food) (USD 415)

Love gift for New Living Hope Centre (USD 400)

For 2020:

Emergency funds: USD 10,000

Budget needed for 2020: USD 26,230

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