2023 July Updates

Dear Supporters,

I hope you and your family are doing well. My family and I are also doing fine. We gather together to pray for the sick, ministries, supporters, families, and churches. We thank God for always watching over us and giving us his grace. As we wait for His coming, we will do our best to serve Him and to have a good relationship with Him.


English School

It is a pleasure to share with you how the school is doing and how God works through the English school program. We planned, discussed, and prayed for everything to be done according to God’s will. 

This month, I have a few things to update:

  1. The mid-term exam is over, and 85% of students have passed the test. 5 students have dropped out because their parents had to move to another province to look for work. 
  2. We had a parent-teacher meeting. 65 parents attended the meeting. We talked about student attendance, and I gave all parents a questionnaire to fill out. I also gave them their children’s report book. Parents were happy to see their child’s progress.
  3. The Prime Minister election has just finished, and there will be a new Prime Minister. I am not sure if there will be new laws in the future.
  4. We are now planning for 2024 activities as we have a clear picture of what we will do for next year.  




Peam Sunday School

Thank God that Sunday School helps our students learn more about God. Our Sunday School provides not only spiritual teaching but also life lessons. For instance, we taught students about their rights and self-care as they enter their teenage years. As God loves us, he also wants us to take good care of our bodies as his living temple. 

Our assistant teachers will be taking a break for a couple of months because they need to focus on their studies to prepare for their diploma exams. Please pray for our teachers to pass every subject they take. 

For 2024, we want to focus on discipling a small group of students. We will select students that meet our criteria to help them grow stronger in their faith and then help in the Sunday School.




Kok Thmey Sunday School

I am at peace to see our church members, and also children, keep coming to church. I am also thankful for our pastor and teachers who are always faithful in carrying out their duties. I pray that what we are planning and doing will give us results that please and honour God. 



Thanksgiving for:

  • A wonderful team
  • Good discipleship class
  • Many students passed the exam
  • Chairs for our Kok Thmey Sunday School

Prayer request:

  • Safe travel back and forth
  • Financial support for pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey church
  • Wisdom for students to learn
  • Our plans to be completed and to succeed according to God’s will