2023 February Updates

Updates from Sreisros

Dear Supporters

I am grateful for your love and kindness to Cambodian people. I am sure that God will bless you and your family as much as you have blessed us. You have been very supportive partners, and you have carried the love of God, and made it seen to everyone. Thank you so much. Before I update this month’s work, I would like to briefly tell you about my family. We are doing alright. My father is taking medicine regularly, my mother has been helping a lot at Kok Thmey church since my father fell ill. My children are doing well in school. I am thankful that God is watching over us.

English School

We are thankful we have a team that helped in checking the curriculum and came up with ideas for the Friday program. Our students are happy to learn new things, new lessons, especially our new students. Our students are not only keen to attend English School but also to go to Sunday School where they feel joy and peace. Below are a few things to update this month:

  1. Student attendance is 88% in total (above the average of 75%).
  2. Students can follow school curriculum and learning objectives.
  3. Teachers are working on a reporting book, homework tracking, and a writing exam. 

For the Friday program, after telling students about the love of God, I asked them if they would want Jesus to come into their lives and to have God’s love in their heart. They all raised their hands and started to follow my prayer. Praise God!

Peam Sunday School

The Sunday School is doing well. We have enough lesson plans, pictures, and teaching aids. However, when there are a lot of students, the teachers sometimes have difficulty controlling the class. Our students come from three different villages, and they have so much to tell each other. We have put the 5 to 12-year-old students into two classes, with assistant teachers helping in these classes. We have a teens’ class too. 

Kok Thmey Sunday School

Students come regularly for Sunday School and are absent only when they need to take care of the house and animals. Last Sunday, a girl shared that her parents were always fighting. So the teacher prayed with her that God will bring peace, love, and joy to her family. She said she wanted her parents to believe in God too. 

Some parts of the church that needed fixing are done while some are not yet done. Two sides of the toilet have been painted, with just the front yet to be painted.

Thanksgiving for:

  • God’s protection when travelling back and forth
  • God’s provision for 2023 work
  • Wonderful teamwork

Prayer Request:

  • Wisdom and strength 
  • God’s protection over families 
  • Second classroom building permission
  • Support for Pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey Church
  • Money to fix the church
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