2023 January Updates

Updated by: Sreisros

Dear Supporters

Happy Lunar New Year! How are you doing? I pray that you and I will see God doing something new this year, guiding us and showing us what we should do. I ask that God will bring more faithful men and women to work in His field and strengthen our love, faith, and hope in Him. I also pray for God’s blessings and protection for our families, our friends, and co-labourers wherever we may be – in Cambodia, Singapore, and other parts of the world. 

English School

I am happy that the school did well last year. Before we re-opened school on 2 January, there were several things teachers had to do:

  1. Repair gate and electrical wire
  2. Conduct class orientation at state school
  3. Invite parents of new students to come for a briefing

We started the school year with a “start-up” week for 40 new students. We now have six classes with 96 students in total. The Year 2 classes have been regrouped to better help the students. Better performing students were put together in the same class while weaker students needing more help were put into smaller-sized classes. With this regrouping, we hope to teach more effectively according to the pace the students can go at and how best the students learn.

This year will be challenging for the teachers as we will have to think about teaching strategies that will work for the weaker students to help them learn. 

Peam Sunday School

Every Sunday, we already have at least 70 – 80 students including our older students. There are still more students registering to join our Sunday School. We have started Sunday School classes. This month, the Sunday School lessons for the younger students were about God’s creation of heaven and earth from Genesis, John, and Psalms. The older students learned about how God cares for them. They learned that God loves them and they learned to thank God. Two older girls trained to be teacher assistants are helping us very well.

Kok Thmey Sunday School

I am happy that this year our supporters are able to help one more village – Kok Thmey Village. The Sunday School has 40 students. We use the same curriculum to teach them.  Besides Sunday School, we are repairing the toilet in the church. It is about 60% done. Thank God for everything.

Thanksgiving for:

  • God’s protection to and from school
  • My children’s good health
  • My daughter starting her English class
  • Wonderful teamwork

Prayer Request:

  • Wisdom and strength 
  • Building permission
  • Support for Pastor Bunnath at Kok Thmey church (Monthly support for 1 year)
  • Playground for children in Peam School grounds

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