A Gift of Light

During our trip in March 2020, we blessed Pastor Villa who lives in Skun village, about 1 hour’s drive away from Siem Reap City. Although he has a solar panel on his roof, he had no electricity in his house as the battery that the solar panel was connected to was not working. So, we bought him a new battery, a solar charge controller, switches and plugs.

Pastor Villa’s solar panel on the roof of the church
Battery, solar charge controller, switches

After a day…

Ta-dah! He has fixed everything up!

Now, his family doesn’t need to live in darkness, and they can have light in the night. 😊

The Love-A-Village supporter who donated the new battery commented that “a small gift makes a huge difference”! We never know the huge impact our small actions make. We hope this encourages you to continue to give – in time, in kind, in cash.

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