Train The Teachers @ PCEF By Vivian

Yes! Our team of 4 ladies, Yee Jong, San San, Janice and myself set off for a teachers’ training at PCEF from 3 to 5 September 2018. I started off with great anticipation, with me as the observer and designated photographer. The training was conducted for 6 PCEF local teachers with Pagna, the principal and another local teacher Sina who was invited to join us.

Family and Friends curriculum which teachers were to be trained in

Landing at Siem Reap airport on Sunday on a hot sunny afternoon, the weather turned to drizzling next two days during our stay there. Wow, cool climate for a change in Siem Reap for me.

On Monday, our first day at PCEF, San San began with ice breakers which brought much spontaneity and fun to the group. The class later broke into groups to draw up and present the goals they set to achieve by end of the 3 days’ training. This was indeed a good start to pave the way into the training proper.

Icebreakers conducted by San San

Thanks to Yee Jong who conducted a demo lesson with clarity and in light-hearted spirit. Helpful tips and teaching techniques to engage children such as warm up songs, flashcards, audio recordings, role-plays and chanting were introduced. Lots of enthusiasm I observed and felt!

Yee Jong teaching a demo lesson

For the next one and half days, the local teachers discussed their own lesson plan in two groups and taught a lesson using the techniques learnt. We are blessed with the keen learning attitude of the local teachers.

Teachers discussing their lesson plan

As such, we hope the local teachers have benefited from the training. We hope to continue building friendship bonds and comradeship with the Cambodian teachers as we journey with them into the very heart of teaching and perhaps, one day, into the heart of our loving Lord Jesus Christ.

Our parting shot from Siem Reap airport

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