Our plans and preparations in the Kingdom of Wonder

In a jaunty mood we left for the Kingdom of Wonder

With a good dose of fun and humour.

Up and down the bumpy and dusty red road

We traversed with our happy loads.

With plans on our minds

And donations-in-kind

Tucked away safely at the back of Mr Vichea’s van,

We were cheered by the sight of whirring fans

And new fluorescent lights

To brighten the nights

At Lovea Primary School.

With classrooms now cooled,

The workers toiled in the breeze,

Tiling a classroom with thankful ease.

All tooled up and in a jovial mood,

Clyde and Nina made the once-broken school benches good.

Meanwhile at Thansure School,

Teacher Sina and Principal Yoo

Were happy with their renovations too.

We made our way to PCEF, an English school

Where songs of ABCs are heard

And seeds of dreams are planted.

Mr Pagna shared his concerns with us.

An understanding of his school operations is a must

For Love-A-Village to decide on our future plans.

Mr Sophanny, a soccer fan,

Rendered us a great deal of help.

His sincerity was deeply felt

And to boot his work was speedy.

At Cambodia Catering Company,

Janice and San San held negotiations

To procure our events’ refreshments.

On day 5, we welcomed Aslyn, Pearl, Pierre, Jing Rong and Parry.

And on day 6, along came Leon, Lynn and Sally.

Dear God, we thank you for your blessings!

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