Disrupted Plans…Closed Doors?

One reason for this trip was to plan the Award Ceremony for Lovea Primary School. Just before the trip, we found out that we couldn’t hold the event, and also that the arranged visit by some staff of Lovea Primary to Paradise Mission School to learn good practices was not allowed by the District Minister. We therefore we met with the Principal to find out the reason for this turn of events.

Apparently the new District Minister had found out that we shared our Christian beliefs in the Christmas (Dec 2016) and Easter (April 2017) events we held for the school. The District Minister’s stand is that we cannot share any Christian messages. The Principal still wants us to tile the floor of the library, and thinks we can still hold the Award Ceremony minus any short Christian message. Whether we will be able to hold the Awards Ceremony is now uncertain as we wait for the Principal to talk to the District Minister again.

Pray with us that the District Minister will change his mind and allow the sharing of Christian messages. Pray with us as we think about how to move forward with Lovea Primary School if we are not allowed to share.

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