Touching base with our supporters

Once again, we rounded off the year with an eventful trip to Siem Reap with our friends and families. Besides meeting up with and serving alongside our partners, we made new connections with the staff of Mustard Seed School.

Please read on to find out more about what we did!

Thansure School (aka Paradise School)

With her team of teachers, Teacher Yoo held a Christmas celebration with and for all of her beloved 235 students. We were honoured to be invited to join them.

Teacher Yoo (extreme left) with some of her young and spirited team of performers
A performance by the senior students
Students collecting small gift packs before going home

Pagna Cambodian Education Fund (PCEF)

Besides conducting lesson observations and a mini workshop at PCEF, we spruced up the school library and kitted out the classrooms with story books.

We also visited Mr Soven’s classroom at the floating village of Kampong Phluk.

Meeting Mr Pagna, the founder of PCEF
Yee Jong observing a lesson conducted by a PCEF teacher
Pierre and Parry sorting and dusting the library books
Stocking up the classrooms with story books for the children
Children playing soccer at Kampong Phluk
The floating village of Kampong Phluk
Mr Soven’s classroom. The tables and benches have to be moved upstairs when the kampong is flooded.
Mr Pagna telling us more about the school

Lovea Primary School

A Christmas celebration was held at Lovea Primary School. This time, what made the celebration special was that it was organised by the teachers. They did a wonderful job and and everyone had an enjoyable time!

A traditional dance performed by the students. Can you spot Mr Vana in the background, watching his students with pride?
Laura and Hui Kwang singing “Joy to the world”
Mr Vana, the principal of Lovea Primary School, and Hui Kwang hitting pots filled with sweets and talcum powder while being blindfolded!
Races for the children
Distributing food to the children
Packed lunch for every child
The lovely flower bed where flag-raising is held at the school

Mustard Seed School

It was a privilege for us to get to spend two afternoons with the teachers of MSS, during which we shared ways of learning with and teaching our students in our classrooms.

Some of the lovely staff from Mustard Seed School
Nina and Janice conducting an activity during our workshop
Working and writing as a team
Learning together in a conducive environment
Presenting and sharing ideas
Getting in touch with our students’ feelings

Rest and relax

As we all know, all work and no play makes Jane/Jack a dull girl/boy. Here are some snapshots of our recreational activities during the trip!

Watching Khmer Metal at Phare Circus
Quad-biking through the rice fields
Silkscreen printing
Here’s Laura applying pigment onto her T shirt!
Catching a puppet show at Bambu Stage
Archie the resident dog, a Canadian retriever, decided to steal the show!



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