Food Pack Distributions by Michael, Kron Joo and Peter


At Skun Village, we had the pleasure of having the Commune Chief (responsible for a few villages) and the Assistant Village Chief present for the food pack distribution. Pastor Villa had the opportunity to share the Jesus story and he prayed a blessing for the villagers. During the message, some villagers were paying attention and agreeing to the message. After the message, we distributed the food pack to the villagers and there was much joy among them.

We had the opportunity to talk with the Commune Chief and the Assistant Village Chief. They were appreciative of the food pack distributed to the villagers. We sense some resistance from the Assistant Village Chief about the church work in the village.

Kron Joo

At Lovea Village, there were close to 70 family representatives from the needy community who were eager and patiently waiting. This reminds me of Jesus’ compassion to feed the hungry crowd (of five thousand) in Matthew 14. Sharing of the advent story of Mary’s birth of Jesus in the season of advent helped in directing the attention of the people heavenward –  that ultimately it is Jesus who can satisfy people’s needs beyond physical sustenance, as Jesus is the source of eternal life (John 6:35)

Praise God for the opportunity to collaborate with local community leaders for this opportunity to share the love of Jesus in word and in deed!


At Lovea Village food pack distribution, the atmosphere was one of joyful anticipation and gathering as a village family. The celebratory mood was helmed by the presence of the commune, police and village chiefs.  A Christmas message was shared in the local language by Om Puerth, one of Love-A-Village’s local volunteers. This modern-day scene reminded me of Jesus feeding the 5,000 (Matt 14:13-21). All praise to God for the message which will flow to the people regarding God’s provision for their physical and spiritual needs.  

This excellent collaboration which is recognised at Commune level bodes well for future food distribution and evangelism opportunities in other villages within this Commune. All glory to God that all the years of relationship building and involvement of local volunteers have borne much fruit and will bring about even more fruitfulness in the years to come!