Suffering Sister in Christ

This trip to the village (31 March to 2 April) enabled us to meet and fellowship with Sister Han.

Here is her testimony:

4 years ago, she watched a movie about Jesus’ crucifixion. She felt very sorry for him and wondered why was he willing to take the torture. That very night, she dreamt about Jesus!

The next morning, as she was traveling with her children, she saw a church and asked her son to let her go to church. She went to church and prayed to receive Christ.

From believing to becoming a disciple of Jesus was not easy for her. She looked to pastors to teach her how to pray, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and learn more about Jesus. However, being one of the only two believers in Lovea, it hasn’t been easy to find out more or get support from any churches! These days, she worships at a house church in Lovea (with only ONE other believer). Her son, a non-believer, reads to her the Bible as she is illiterate.

Besides this, her personal life is also difficult – her husband has left her and she has a weak heart.

Before we ended our visit, we prayed for her. Please pray that Sister Han will remain strong in Jesus!


Paradise Mission School and Pagna Cambodian Education Fund

During our trip from 31 Mar to 2 April, we met up with the principals of 2 schools.

Here’s a heads-up on what we found out from them!

Paradise Mission School

The school compound

School operations

Over dinner with Ms Eu, the Korean principal of Paradise Mission School, and her Cambodian colleague, Ms Sina, we found out that Grade 1 to 6 classes are conducted by 12 teachers at the school for 190 students. Ms Eu conducts training for kindergarten teachers, as well as weekly worship and bible storytelling sessions for children. She introduced to us the Song of Hope Language Centre which shares the Gospel through English and music lessons and is headed by another Korean missionary.

Sharing about Noah’s Ark

Financial challenges

A monthly budget of USD 3000 is required to run the mission school, out of which 60% is contributed by Ms Eu’s church in Korea. She tries very hard to the raise the remaining 40% from supportive friends and family members. Despite her financial constraints, Ms Eu intends to open up Grade 7 to 9 classes to students. Before she can do so, a security deposit of USD 20,000 needs to be raised and paid to the government.

Students having a lesson

Working together to share the Gospel

Having been called by the Lord to open a mission school in Siem Reap, Ms Eu has dedicated her life to serve Lord Jesus Christ. Love-A-Village is exploring opportunities to collaborate with Ms Eu to share the Gospel.

Pagna Cambodian Education Fund

Before we left, we visited Pagna Cambodian Education Fund, a school which is fully sponsored by Wide Open Wings to conduct free English classes for the children and adults of Lovea Village. Although the principal, Mr Pagna, had been hospitalised for the past 2 weeks for cardiac treatment, he made a special trip back to the school to meet us. Mr Pagna shared that Wide Open Wings has terminated sponsorship for his school due to a dispute over rules of operation. As such, he is appealing for funding assistance. We prayed for his recovery and success in securing donors for his school.

The school compound of PCEF