Easter Celebration at Paradise School By Pearl

Blessed Good Friday to you all readers! It’s been so long since I made a trip up to Siem Reap. When I finally had the chance to visit Siem Reap this time from 17th to 20th March, I realized that many things have changed. The city got more developed as compared to the last time I visited, which was in December last year.

When we visited Siem Reap this time, we had dinner with Pastor Chhay to catch up.

Then, on the second day, we spent our day preparing for the Easter celebration that was going to take place on the 19th! I felt that it was a good thing that we had the help of the students from Paradise School as the students could learn more as they helped.

On the third day, we had the Easter Celebration. The church members actually helped to put up a play related to Easter and it was really pleasant to see the smiles of the children. I felt satisfied and happy that the children enjoyed the celebration.

During the last two days, we also met up with Mr Pagna to give him a printer that will assist him in his school’s operation and we also had a short meeting with the teachers from PCEF.

Overall I felt that this trip was something new for me and I really enjoyed myself! Not to forget that things are changing in Siem Reap and I certainly hope to be there more often before it becomes too urbanized!

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